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Software for selective mapping and bin mapping

MapPop is software for choosing good samples from mapping populations and for locating new markers on pre-existing maps. It is not being actively maintained or supported at this time.


If you download MapPop, we would appreciate you letting us know by email.


MapPop, including its documentation, source code, executables (referred hereafter as MapPop), is distributed under the following license terms at no charge. Installation of the program on any computer or any use of the program implies that the user and the user’s organization (herein referred to as “you”) agree to the following terms:

This software and documentation may be freely distributed. This software is provided on an “as is” basis, with no warranty of any type, including warranty of suitability for any particular
purpose or ability to function correctly on any type of computer. No technical support can be guaranteed. In particular, no warranty is made that the algorithms contained within this
program are of utility for the research purposes for which they were developed.

You may redistribute MapPop. However, the entire package, including documentation, software, this license, and source code, must be preserved.

You may modify MapPop, and distribute your results, but you must (a) preserve all copyright notices, license agreements and credits in software and documentation, (b) add your own notice which makes it clear immediately that it is a modified version, (c) also distribute the unmodified version along with your modified version, (d) distribute the modified version under this licensing agreement, and (e) notify the copyright holders of MapPop that you are distributing a modified version, and supply us a full copy of source code.

Note that this precludes selling a modified version of MapPop. You may also not disassemble the MapPop executables, since this would involve violating the license for the Matlab libraries with which they are built.


Related Software

GenoPlayer, software from the Michelmore lab at UC Davis which is useful for visualization and manual refinement of MapPop results


Development of this software was supported by NSF grant DBI-98-72617 (PI: Steve Tanksley), NSF grants CCR-970029 and DMS-9805602 (PI: David Shmoys), ONR grant N0014-96-1-00500 (PI: Michael J. Todd) and by support from the Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics (formerly the Center for Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics) of the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service.

Contact Us

Daniel G. Brown
Department of Computer Science
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Todd J. Vision
Department of Biology
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